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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use HO4L?

Nothing is free in life. Our site consolidates the prices of quality delivery companies covering your zip code. This allows you to purchase the lowest priced fuel available in the marketplace. This platform allows the consumer to choose the most efficient supplier on a given date. Average savings of 20% of your oil bill with each order.

What is the average savings per gallon?

Anywhere from $0.10 to $0.70 per gallon. The average customer saves $0.50 per gallon. This is based on the daily retail price of heating oil on the spot market. Therefore the average customer in a 2200 square feet home will save $600+ on fuel costs only per year.

Am I buying inferior fuel?

No, All heating oil is bought from the same wholesalers. Our partners are recognized names in your community who prosper by providing quality service and products.

Can I buy a service contract separately?

Yes, from one of our partners or your own plumber. It's less expensive than you might think. There are many quality service contractors in your area. We can recommend a partner or you may select one of your choice.

Do I need a Contract?

No, you can buy the Oil at a discount each time you need it. You can purchase a service contract separately or call our service partners as you need them. Some customers select to purchase an annual service contract while others prefer to maintain an efficient system and contact repair service on an as needed basis.

How often should I have my burner serviced?

If you have your burner serviced once a year, you should never have a problem. It is a simple system that requires proper maintenance. A heating system in good repair with regular service checks will operate relatively trouble fee for decades.

Instead of using the application, can you buy the oil for me?

Yes, just give us a call and we will process a telephone order.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Electronic Check, Monthly Billing Statement, Credit(?)

Why can't I see my current oil company's name on your site?

They may not have enrolled yet, we suggest you call them and ask them to join us. Additionally they may have contract only with a delivery company who delivers only to client who have an annual service contract with them. Our partners deliver oil to all credit worthy clients.

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